5 Top APIs for Podcasts

Podcasts have never been more popular, and developers wanting take advantage of this hot content trend need to find suitable Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to create applications.

What is a Podcast API?

A Podcast API in an interface that developers can use to connect applications to various podcast services.

ProgrammableWeb‘s Podcasts category is the best place to discover these APIs. Here are 5 popular choices.

1. Listen Notes

ListenNotes is a podcast search engine. The ListenNotes APITrack this API allows applications to search the metadata of more than 1.5 million podcasts and 80 million episodes categorized by people, places, or topics. Search (almost) all podcasts & episodes that are found on the Internet via this API.

2. Audioboom API

AudioBoom provides audio content from major sports and media outlets, as well as smaller podcasters. Content hosted on audioBoom can be shared via the website, embeddable players, mobile applications, and social media websites. The audioBoom APITrack this API provides users with access to almost every function the site offers. Full documentation for the API is available on GitHub.

3. Audiogum API

Audiogum provides smart audio visual experiences for businesses and their customers. The platform offers a way to create personalized, voice controlled podcasts, streaming services, internet radio, audio books, and video content. The Audiogum APITrack this API enables audio content aggregation, intelligent personalization, analytics, and natural language understanding in business applications.

4. Voicepods API

Voicepod provides automated human-like text-to-speech (TTS) services. The Voicepods APITrack this API returns JSON responses with voice and text-to-speech narrations features. Projects and clips available as resources.

5. Rev API

Rev provides transcription, caption and translation services. Rev’s captioning work is done by humans for accuracy. The Rev Human Transcription APITrack this API enables developers to add human transcription services to applications.

Head over to the Podcasts category for more APIs, plus SDKs and Source Code samples.

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