A Retro Games Console… Inside a Retro Game Cartridge

Raspberry Pi single-board computers are of course famous for use in retro gaming setups, but what if you wanted to put everything inside of a game cartridge from the 1980s, specifically one from the original NES? As shown here by ‘jdk0248,’ this is indeed possible, and the hack places the Pi Zero or Zero W, plus a hub for controllers, Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter, and a cable for the microUSB power supply fully inside a NES cartridge.

All things considered, it’s a fairly simple mod, with the hardest part reportedly being getting past the cartridge’s security screws. After that, it’s a matter of choosing the proper components, and stripping the case off of a USB hub so it will fit, as well as cutting off some unnecessary bits of plastic on the cartridge itself. You’ll also need to install the proper OS, along with ROM files.

It goes without saying that this type of hack should probably be done with widely available games, and if you can find a cartridge shell that’s not working, all the better. This is certainly not the only in-cartridge gaming hack we’ve seen. For another take on this type of build, be sure to check out Snazzy Labs’ Pi emulator NES cartridge from back in November 2016!

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook

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