Air:bit is a Micro:bit Powered Quadcopter Kit

Since its release in 2016, the micro:bit has been helping students take the first steps into the world of coding, and has spawned a number of interesting projects. Its built-in Bluetooth radio and accelerometer mean that it could even be used as the heart of a quadcopter setup, which is exactly what MakeKit is has accomplished with their aptly named Air:bit drones.

This little drone mounts a micro:bit onboard, which attaches to an Air:bit Multi:bit control board. This enables all sorts of expansions, such as sensors for navigation and data logging, and there’s even a camera that can be added for FPV use. The Multi:bit powers the quadcopter’s motors directly and recharges the main battery through a micro-USB port. It features accommodations for up to three servos, though at some point weight one would need to consider weight restrictions.

The Air:bit can be piloted via an iOS or Android device, and there’s also an option to use another micro:bit as the user interface. The device is now funding on Kickstarter, with a variety of reward levels that either include everything, or let you provide the actual micro:bit and/or a custom frame. If you think that’s a neat idea, your not alone, as it’s already reached its funding goal with a couple weeks remaining. Of course, a huge number of rewards are still available if you want to get your own!

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook

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