Beat the Heat in Your Apartment with a Toilet-Based AC Unit

Ty Palowski’s apartment gets very hot due to outside temperatures and an old, outdated AC unit. While most would accept the situation, complain to management (which he has done), or perhaps add another fan or two, Palowski decided to take things into his own hands and creaet a sort of space cooler (as opposed to a space heater). For cooling he used, what else, water from the toilet.

The setup is simple and fairly ingenious, pumping water through tubing and into a heat exchanger (radiator) before it eventually enters the tank for flushing. As it passes through through the assembly, a pair of fans blow air past the fins to increase the cooling capacity, decreasing the discomfort of the person directly in front of it. One might argue that the water in the bathroom would eventually settle at the same temperature regardless — thus cooling the apartment the same amount — but the fact that this cooling is concentrated on a person is what appears to make the idea effective.

Fans are controlled with an Arduino board along with a relay, which blows for a set amount of time after the toilet is flushed. While a makeshift solution, Palowski seems pleased with the results, making his personal environment just a little bit better!

[h/t: Mashable]

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook

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