Beatbox by Rhythmo Brings a DIY Drum Machine in a Cardboard Box

Typically, when it comes to making things with cardboard, we think clubhouses, costumes, and maybe small cities our kids can crush while living out their Godzilla fantasies. Some of the more creative among us have taken the recyclable material and build full-on working musical instruments- including an electric guitar, an amplifier in a can, and even a portable drum kit. Now Austin-based Rhythmo has tossed their hat into the cardboard instrument ring with Beatbox — a DIY MIDI controller, drum machine, and mobile studio, all packed into a cardboard enclosure.

Rhythmo’s Beatbox is a DIY MIDI controller, drum machine, and mobile studio all packed into a cardboard box. (📷: Rhythmo)

The Beatbox features a pair of 15-watt speakers, 16 Japanese arcade buttons for live drumming, and 24mm arcade functions buttons that can be assigned different functions based on what DAW you use. It packs four parameter-control knobs that also act as buttons to control channel volumes, plus a joystick to navigate the Beatbox app along with an X and Y effector. A built-in USB-B port allows users to connect to mobile devices, as well as recharging an included 3,000mAh battery. There’s also a PCB with headphone jack for silent listening if needed.

According to Rhythmo, the Beatbox can be assembled in an hour or less and requires no soldering, as either everything is screwed together or uses a quick connect. You also don’t need to be a DL virtuoso as the included app offers a series of tutorials with video using four different styles of music and live performances as well. Rhythmo is currently crowdfunding Beatbox on Kickstarter for $119 and up, which gets you the kit, USB A to B cable, wall charger, and app license.

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Author: Cabe Atwell

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