Productivity Hacks with Arduboy!

Working is not (usually) super fun. But playing games (usually) is! Let’s put the two together to make a productivity hacking device. // // // // // // // // // // //

Touch-responsive Robots

Alex upgraded her new companion AI, F3NR1R, with touch-responsive controls, thanks to Brown Dog Gadgets’ "Maker Tape". Learn more in today’s video! Plus, don’t forget to take our quiz, for a chance to win one of 100 Intel Neural Compute Stick 2s! // // Maker Tape intro: // // Kitty’s stream:

Today’s Failures – and Moving Forward!

It’s a natural part of life. πŸ™‚ Share your own temporary setbacks, and stay tuned for more on these cool platforms! // Emotions bot – // // // Thingy:91 – // // Cathodes & Anodes – // And a relevant project:

Simple Emotive Origami Companion with Maker Tape

Alex did a guest spot today with Brown Dog Gadgets, creators of Maker Tape. Check out this simple emoting bot, which requires no soldering or wires – just an Arduino, an LED, conductive Maker Tape, and paper! (Plus a marker to give it some personality πŸ™‚ // Brown Dog Gadgets stream: // Finished companion

Virtual Events: Attend & Present!

With many events canceled for this year, and some moving to virtual spaces, what’s on? Here are a few options to stay connected with the hardware community: // // // // // // // //