Co-Operative Bank Kenya Announces Open APIs

Co-operative Bank Kenya has announced a suite of open APIs to help developers integrate and manage payments in web or mobile applications. As is true of so many open banking solutions, the bank’s stated goal is to take care of the robust programming resources necessary to securely and efficiently incorporate modern payment services so customers can focus on their core products and services.

“We believe in the creation of technologies that support innovation and in the creation of systems that will positively impact the lives of the people in our society,” the bank states in its open API introduction. “We believe in continuous innovation to open up the banking space using the latest and thoroughly tested technologies.”

The APIs are RESTful and fall into two categories: account information services APIs and transactional APIs. Account information services APIs allow users to retrieve information such as account balance inquiry, cleared balance, booked balance, blocked balance, available balance, arrears amount, uncleared balance, overdraft limit, account transaction inquiry, account mini statement, exchange rate enquiry, account validation, and status enquiry. The transactional APIs allow users to perform functions such as internal funds transfer, pesalink send to account, instant notification services, and send money from a co-op bank to a Mpsesa wallet.

To learn more, visit the developer site. There, those interested can sign up for an account and review the API docs. The bank also offers a sandbox environment for developers to test out the suite of APIs.

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