Control Smart Home Appliances and Other Devices with the Puck v2 Wireless Bluetooth to IR Remote

There are a myriad of devices on the market that let you control both smart or dumb appliances by turning our phones into remotes, including the ZaZa remote, and BroadLink’s upcoming IR & RF Remote. A new gadget from SmashToast promises to do the same thing, only in a smaller package, with the Puck v2 Bluetooth Remote.

The Puck v2 allows users to control smart appliances and other devices using iOS or Android phones, which act as remote controls. (📷: SmashToast)

“PUCK 2 is a patented wireless Bluetooth 4.2 to infrared remote bridge that turns any iOS or Android device into a remote. PUCK 2 has a directional infrared led of approx. 15 feet and approx. 100 feet Bluetooth range. Simply place PUCK near the device (or devices) you want to control, download the free PUCK Remote App for iOS or Android, and use your phone or tablet as a remote.”

The Puck v2 offers major memory upgrades, a custom Bluetooth 4.2 SoC, and better IR range and battery life. (📷: SmashToast)

SmashToast explains he designed the Puck IR bridge because his daughter would hide the TV and soundbar remotes, and he still wanted to control everything from a smartphone app. There isn’t much revealed in terms of hardware, other than the Puck v2 is outfitted with major memory upgrades, houses a custom Bluetooth 4.2 SoC, and has a farther IR range and longer battery life. He also states the device will get better during its lifecycle with continuous over-the-air firmware upgrades.

SmashToast divulged a bit of information regarding use cases of the Puck that never occurred to me — it can benefit those with disabilities or injuries who have difficulty controlling their smart appliances. Those with spinal injuries or have limited finger strength might not be able to generate enough force to press a physical remote button, but can easily tap a touchscreen with minimal effort. With that in mind, the Puck v2 is now available on SmashToast’s Tindie page for $14.95.

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Author: Cabe Atwell

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