Controlling Robots Made Easy with Arxterra’s 3DoT Board

Arxterra planned their 3DoT (3D of Things) board for use with 3D-printed robots and packs all the necessary hardware and software to get those bots up and running. The board acts as the brain, power source, and controller for any number of robotics projects, and can be equipped with several shields if needed to expand on the board’s functionality. There are a few other robotics-based SBCs on the market — including Husarion’s CORE2-ROS, and Trossen Robotics’ Arbotix-M Robocontroller — but few have a small form factor and onboard power, making the 3DoT a more versatile option.

The 3DoT robotics board is designed around an Arduino Leonardo MCU, HM-11 Bluetooth module, TB6612FNG dual motor driver, and more. (📷: Arxterra)

“The 3DoT is supported by an extensive, easy-to-use Arduino library to allow the development of custom software, and the ArxRobot App to control your robot via Bluetooth. Even better, the Arxterra Control Panel that allows you to control your robot, remotely, from anywhere in the world, with high definition video and audio feed.”

On the hardware end, the 3DoT is equipped with an ATmega32U4-based microcontroller unit, with an onboard 8 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) 2-stage pipelined AVR RISC processor, as well as a CR123A LiPo 650mAh rechargeable battery and an integrated 3.7v Li-ion battery charger (power protection, switching, switching circuit) with battery level sensor circuit.

The 3DoT app allows users to monitor and control their robots remotely from any location on the planet and share their creations with others. (📷: Arxterra)

It also packs a micro USB port, HM-11 Bluetooth module, 2.0mm JST connectors (up to two DC motors), male header pins (up to two Micro/Ultra Micro servos), TB6612FNG dual motor driver, 3-position switch (power/program/run), and headers for adding expansion shields (external SPI and I2C devices). Arxterra’s 3DoT robotics board is now available for $149.95 on the company’s product page.

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Author: Cabe Atwell

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