Sun. Jul 5th, 2020


Shenango Valley Makers

Democratizing the MBSE process for safety-critical systems using Excel

Compliance with functional safety standards (ISO 26262, IEC 60601, ARP 4754…) is critically important in the design of complex safety-critical systems and requires close collaboration across multiple disciplines, processes and the supply chain. Systems engineering, using model based approaches, provides the rigor and consistency to develop a systems model as the “single source of truth”. However not all stakeholders are systems engineers, and even fewer are model-based systems engineers. All organizations have many players with specific skills and knowledge who have key roles that need to feed into the systems development process.

This webinar will introduce MapleMBSE , a recently-released tool that allows the use of Excel as a way of increasing effective engagement with the systems model by all stakeholders within the IBM Rhapsody eco-system. The resulting work-flow will enable engineers and developers not familiar with the MBSE paradigm to interact easily with a systems model in Excel, capturing and understanding the systems engineering information from the model, doing further analysis with the information, and adding further detail to the model. The presentation will include use-cases for the development of safety-critical systems, involving model-based safety analysis and FMEA.