Tue. Mar 17th, 2020


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E-books Help You Stay Up to Date on 5G, Renewable Energy, and Other Technologies

THE INSTITUTEWiley-IEEE Press has released 10 new books that cover several technologies including 5G networks, electromagnetics, magnetic field measurement, synthetic aperture radar, and other technologies.

You can review the e-books by logging in to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, clicking on Browse from the drop-down menu, and selecting Books. You can then search by the book’s title to download or purchase PDFs of selected chapter excerpts. To place an order, visit Wiley.com.

Enabling 5G Communication Systems to Support Vertical Industries

By Muhammad Ali Imran, Yusuf Abdulrahman Sambo, and Qammer H. Abbasi

This book explores how 5G communication systems can make delivery services more efficient and cost effective. The authors suggest solutions such as smart transportation, using a smart grid, and environmental monitoring.

Optical and Wireless Convergence for 5G Networks

By Abdelgader M. Abdalla, Jonathan Rodriguez, Issa Elfergani, and Antonio Teixeira

A guide that provides insights on managing an ecosystem of mixed and multiple access network communications focused on optical-wireless convergence that considers both fronthaul and backhaul perspectives. Topics covered include fiber-wireless, hybrid fiber-wireless, and visible light communication.

Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems and Smart Grid: Technology and Applications

By Bimal K. Bose

In this e-book covering power-electronics applications, Bose discusses a variety of renewable energy systems including wind, solar, and geothermal energy. He also discusses fuel cell systems and bulk energy storage systems.

The Wind Power Story: A Century of Innovation that Reshaped the Global Energy Landscape

By Brandon N. Owens

This comprehensive resource looks at the history of wind power, how the technology has evolved, and where it’s headed.

 The book also examines government funding, the role that fossil fuels have played in wind-power innovations, and the importance of entrepreneurs in further developing the technology.

Engineered to Speak: Helping You Create and Deliver Engaging Technical Presentations

By Alexa S. Chilcutt and Adam J. Brooks

Want to communicate better with peers and other audiences? This guide for helping engineers become better communicators breaks down the art of public speaking into 10 steps.

Design Technology of Synthetic Aperture Radar

By Jiaguo Lu

This book provides detailed information about fundamental concepts, theories, and design of synthetic aperture radar systems and sub-systems. SAR is a powerful microwave remote sensing technique used to create two- and three-dimensional high-resolution representations of landscapes, independent of weather conditions and the amount of sunlight.

Magnetic Field Measurement With Applications to Modern Power Grids

By Qi Huang, Arsalan Habib Khawaja, Yafeng Chen, and Jian Li

An authoritative review of magnetic field measurement and its application to smart-grid technology. The authors cover substations, generation systems, transmission systems, and distribution systems.

Systems Engineering of Software-Enabled Systems

By Richard E. Fairley

An in-depth overview of the most current methods and techniques that can improve the connection between systems engineering and software engineering. The book reviews the traditional approaches to developing software-enabled systems and explores how they differ.

Time-Domain Electromagnetic Reciprocity in Antenna Modeling

By Martin Stumpf

This book covers applications of the TD EM reciprocity theorem for solving antenna-theory problems. It focuses on the development of TD numerical schemes and analytical methodologies suitable for analyzing wave fields associated with fundamental antenna topologies.

Real-Time Three-Dimensional Imaging of Dielectric Bodies Using Microwave/Millimeter Wave Holography

By Reza K. Amineh, Natalia K. Nikolova, and Maryam Ravan

An authoritative guide to the field of microwave holography for imaging dielectric bodies. The authors review the early works in the field and explore recent advances.

IEEE members receive a 35 percent discount by using a redemption code when ordering from Wiley.com. To obtain your discount code, visit the Wiley-IEEE Press webpage on IEEE Xplore and sign in using your IEEE member credentials.