Excelfore Launches SDK for eSync Standard data Pipeline

Excelfore, a connected automobile solution provider, has introduced a new SDK for the eSync standard data pipeline. eSync is a multi-company alliance for the development of over-the-air (OTA) updates and diagnostics standards. Excelfore’s new SDK provides an out of the box solution for embedding the eSync standard into the cloud platform of choice.

“OTA is a challenge in complex environments with many diverse devices on multiple networks and busses, as in automotive,” Shrinath Acharya, Excelfore CEO, commented in a blog post announcement. “Development, integration and verification requires a lot of experienced engineering resources and is impractical without some level of standardization in architecture and protocols. The eSync SDK provides a quick and simple solution that enables our customers to take advantage of Excelfore’s proven, production-deployed solution for managing updates via the eSync OTA platform.”

The SDK primarily targets automakers, electronic control unit (ECU) makers, and smart sensor makers. Through the SDK, these companies will experience reduced development cycles through the utilization of a simplified OTA software delivery system. The SDK comes with all features expected from OTA applications and services, custom policies, delta compression, and end-to-end security.

The SDK is provided with two Raspberry Pi devices, power supplies, and cables. one Raspberry Pi acts as a Wi-Fi gateway and the second acts as the edge device. eSync agents are pre-installed on both Raspberry Pi devices before shipment to the user. Visit the pipeline site to learn more.

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