Featured free Marketplace content – February 2020

In an ongoing partnership with Unreal Engine Marketplace creators, select content is available for free to the Unreal community each month, giving artists, designers, and programmers access to additional resources at no extra cost.

Check out this month’s great selection below!

February’s featured free content:

Amplify LUT Pack | Amplify Creations

Color grade and set the mood of your scene in just a few short clicks with over 200 high-quality LUTs.

Auto Settings | Sam Bonifacio 

Configure in-game settings and button inputs with ease. Turn any console command into a setting, quickly adjust your settings panels, and more!

Combat Systems – Constructor | Vladimir Tim

Prepare for combat—generate and control more than 200 mobile and desktop-ready variants of mechanical robots.

First Person Puzzle Template | Divivor

Challenge your players with easy-to-implement puzzle mechanics—designed entirely in Blueprints.

Open World AI Spawn System | TiMer Games 

A performance-friendly spawning system for allies and enemies alike, including example AIs.

New permanently free content:

Advanced Locomotion System V4 | LongmireLocomotion

Get up and get going with this flexible advanced bipedal locomotion Blueprint system for single-player projects.

Jumpstart a new project or ramp up development on one you’ve already started. Don’t forget to check back in March for yet another round of free products!

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