Sat. Jul 4th, 2020


Shenango Valley Makers

Geometric Concrete Pot Mold

Step up your 3d Printed projects to a new level !!

With 3 parts of PLA you can create this amazing geometric planter or pot for many uses. Just Print 2 sides and the internal piece (VASE MODE with flexible PLA is better) and assemble it. Once you have it, mix some concrete and trow it into the mold.

You can print it in the size you want !! Combine scales: 1 + 0,8 + 0,6 and you will have the 3 beautiful combo of the first picture.

The molds lasts at least 5 times – With a slow print and a good wash of the mold it can last up to 20 casts.

Experiment with concrete ! Add some color to the mix ! Marble them ! Cast with other materials like resin ! Or just paint it !


To achieve a perfect finish use a Concrete Sealer of your choice.(Acrylic or solvent based) Just wipe the concrete surface and let it dry. With each layer of sealer, the concrete becomes less penetrable for liquids and creates a smoother finish.

If u dont want to do all of this in concrete… here is the LAZY VERSION !!

Take the finished planter right out of your 3d printer 😉

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