GigaDevice Unveils New RISC-V-Based GD32V Microcontroller

Several years ago China-based GigaDevice launched their GD32 microcontroller that took advantage of the ARB architecture and was compatible with STMicro’s STM32F103 microcontroller. The company is back with another GD32V series, only this time around they have dumped Arm in favor of RISC-V.

According to GigaDevice, the new line of GD32V MCUs “are specifically targeted for embedded applications ranging from industrial control, consumer electronics, emerging IoT, edge computing to artificial intelligence and deep learning.”

GigaDevice’s GD32V is designed around the RISC-V architecture and includes a Nucleisys N20x RISC-V core running at 108MHz. (📷: GigaDevice)

The GD32VF103 series RISC-V MCUs feature 14 models that pack a Nucleisys N20x RISC-V “Bumblebee core,” outfitted with 8Kb to 32Kb of RAM and 16Kb to 128Kb of Flash. Each model provides USB OTG and CAN 2.0B, as well as a 3.3V input/output (I/O) logic with 5V tolerance. The new series will also come in QFN36, LQFP48, LQFP64, and LQFP100 packages, and are fully compatible with the earlier GD32 MCUs in software and pin packaging.

Tmall is offering GD32V-based evaluation boards in an LQFP48 and LQFP100 package, both with different features. (📷: Tmall)

The GD32V MCUs are already available online from Tmall, which range in price depending on the model and the number of MCUs you purchase. They are offering a pair of evaluation/development boards as well based on the microcontroller, including the GD32VF103C-START, which comes with programmable buttons, Arduino headers, and three micro USB ports (debugging, USB OTG, USART). It’s even equipped with configuration jumpers for boot, OTG, USART, plus several LEDs and wake buttons.

The other board, the GD32VF103C-Eval, offers a GD32F103VCT6 microcontroller in an LQFP100 package, with a 3.2-inch onboard display, a pair of DB9 serial ports, micro USB ports (OTG/debugging), RTC battery socket, reset button, and joystick. Both boards are now available and cost $11 and $46, respectively.

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