Mon. Jun 1st, 2020


Shenango Valley Makers

Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week

A Basketball Stats Tracker, a NeoPixel Cube, a Water Quality Monitor, a Lapdock-Turned Laptop, an Intervalometer’s Intervalometer + More

What if an Arduino/Android solution was added to a regular basketball board to track my basketball training workouts? Let’s go for it!

NeoPixels are great fun to work with. LED cubes are also very visually interesting. Let’s look at creating a PYNQ-controlled one!

Make an EC/pH/ORP/temperature sensor device to monitor water. Interact with it through a website using Bluetooth Low Energy.

The Pi 4 is finally powerful enough to function as a standalone machine. Let’s use it to turn a Lapdock into a laptop.

At the core of any time-lapse rig is the controller — an “intervalometer.” This one delivers all the functionality of units costing many $k.

A badge that features an entire TCP packet design with funky LED show and an “Internet Explorer” mode that slows all of it down.

This project will create a smart gesture-based interface that allows the user to control the PC for various functions.

A motion control setup to allow a disabled user to use an Android tablet.

Experimenting with predictive maintenance using the SmartEdge Agile and the Brainium platform.

I started with a PIR sensor triggering storage of images on a microSD then ran out of space, so added Azure Storage and trialled sensors.

A robot with omnidirectional wheels, which is controlled using a Ricoh Theta V Camera and Snips.

A pair of Bluetooth connected flower brooches sends alert to mother when the child is out of proximity. When close by, both light up.

Use design and fabrication techniques and software to create a robot chassis and select parts for it.

Host a standalone monitoring device that can expose and back up relevant information to other mobile devices (i.e. smartphones).

Get a GPS fix in seconds using assisted GPS on a Raspberry Pi with a BerryGPS-GSM.

Reliable key press responses can be achieved using programmable capacitive touch sensors.

Rando generates random numbers and selects shapes and determines their geometry based on the random number and sketches them on the floor.

How to use rosserial on ESP32 to connect that popular and affordable Wi-Fi microcontroller with the ROS.

A photobooth based on the 96Boards Dragonboard410c.

Rebuilding the functionality of two police sirens to notify all the team about the clients status in real-time but in a funny way.

A metering instrument to measure capacitance, ESR value, and frequency.

The Work Logger helps you log your daily work without any effort — no more spreadsheets needed.

A simple device that makes controlling humidity and saving energy a snap. Operates as easily as a thermostat.

Ever been lost? Get lost no longer with a compass that always points home! (North)

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Author: Hackster Staff