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High-Speed Digital Back to Basics Seminar

Whether you are new to high-speed digital design or a seasoned veteran, the goal of this seminar is to give you the knowledge to take to the lab and use immediately for faster time to test and increased confidence in your digital designs. 

Longer version:

Master the fundamentals of High-Speed Digital measurements

Keysight’s Complimentary High-Speed Digital Back to Basics Seminar is coming to the following locations:

  • Oct 3 – Cambridge, MA
  • Oct 10 – Irvine, CA

Join us for a day of face to face networking with our Keysight experts and others in your field. Join us for lunch and a product fair and attend the following technical sessions:

  • How to avoid signal integrity problems with a network analyzer
  • Understanding the fundamentals of oscilloscopes and their applications
  • Creating complex and custom waveforms with an arbitrary waveform generator
  • Conducting accurate receiver validation tests with a BERT

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