IntelligenceBank Launches Automated Workflow System: Handshakes

IntelligenceBank, a provider of marketing operations software for content marketers, has announced a new solution that extends the capabilities of the company’s API. The new solution is called Handshakes and is designed to provide pre-built workflow integrations in order to accelerate innovation on the platform.

IntelligenceBank describes Handshakes as having an ‘if this, then that’ workflow, enabling teams to truly customize their integrations. This type of functionality is especially useful for automating repetitive tasks. Using the IntelligenceBank APITrack this API much of this functionality was already possible, this platform simply streamlines the process of building out these connections. 

The company provided press release notes that:

“While our existing API can be used for these interactions, instead of having to build them one by one, our clients can now select from a suite of pre-configured Handshakes that can be rolled out quickly.”

At the time of the announcement pre-built connections have already been announced for popular resource categories including CRM, CMS, Messaging, Social Media, and E-Commerce. 

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