Ireland Launches COVID-19 Tracker App

This week, Ireland introduced a COVID-19 Tracker app. The app uses the Exposure Notification API built by Apple and Google. The app is intended to help contact trace and slow the spread of coronavirus. The app is now available from the App Store and Google Play.

The App Store version utilizes the iOS version of the Exposure Notification APITrack this APITrack this API. The Google Play version utilizes the Android version of the Exposure Notification APITrack this API. The app is published by Ireland’s Health Service Executive, Ireland’s federal agency responsible for the provision of health and personal social services of all living in Ireland. Primary functions include contact tracking, symptom monitoring, and consistently updated facts and figures about the virus in Ireland.

Contact tracing is a core functionality of the app. This feature allows individuals to identify if they were in close contact with someone who has contracted the virus. By contact tracing, users can reduce the time required to alert others of potential contact, notify contacts who may have forgotten a potential exposure, and open communication streams between people who may not actually know each other.

To implement contact tracing, the app and underlying APIs use Bluetooth and anonymous IDs to track phones users have come into contact with (if those phones also have the app installed), the distance between a user’s phone and the other phones, and the length of time a phone is near another phone. The app downloads these tracked metrics every two hours and updates accordingly. IDs are anonymous, the entire system is opt-in, and tracing data is limited to each user’s personal device. Check out the apps on the App Store and Google Play.

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