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JumpStart Guide for Application Security in AWS

Securing applications in the cloud involves a different set of considerations compared to on-premises environments. Understanding the applications your organization plans to deploy and allowing security and development teams to work in tandem can enable more secure, timely application releases. This webinar provides guidance on how to understand and protect applications in your pipeline as well as solution suggestions to help secure application deployment and delivery on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Attendants will learn:

  • Hands-on implementation options available to protect applications in the pipeline
  • Needs and capabilities associated with AppSec solutions for development visibility, automated security assessments, and more
  • Tools and features, such as access control for AWS services and applications, to help secure application delivery and deployment
  • Key business, technical, and operational considerations for application security on AWS
  • Practical guidance on tactics and techniques for using resources and ideas to plan future application development

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