Making Companion Bots // Virtually Maker Faire 2020

During the Covid-19 stay at home orders, a group of makers have been focusing on our personal robotic projects to help us through the isolation. For Virtually Maker Faire, we share our robots and explain a bit more about them and our prototyping process.


Nova: a fluffy shoulder companion that lights up and reacts to touch. She is worn like a scarf and uses two servos to create movements that invite people to interact with her. Learn more about Nova on Angela’s Hackaday project page

Dexter: A high fiving fun monkey bot. He is fully 3D printed, with a PIR Sensor so he can sense when people are near and high five them. He also has animated led Eye Matrix for multiple emotions.

Fenrir: Alex’s fennec fox with an AI heart. A new sibling for Archimedes (the owl familiar), Fen is designed to help with daily tasks including transcribing dreams, and experiments in defeating facial recognition technology.


Alex Glow
Alex creates videos about electronics at, and shares projects including her robot owl familiar Archimedes, music that has orbited the Earth, and LED temporary tattoos. She loves to hack on robots, music, wearables, bikes, cults, language, hackerspaces, brains & dreaming, holography, and more. Find more at and @glowascii 🙂

Jorvon Moss
Jorvon Moss, Odd_Jayy friends call me Jayy. I am a Maker, Tinker from Compton, I Have been featured in Hackspace Magazine, Done talks at both Maker Faire, and Hackaday Supercon. I have built multiple companion bots, to keep up with me work follow me on twitter or instagram.

Angela Sheehan
Angela (Gella) is a maker, artist, and educator passionate about wearable technology, product design, and digital fabrication. She has published over 50 online how-tos and loves to teach others how to make playful and interactive electronic projects. See all her projects at and connect with her on Twitter @the_gella.

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