MillRight CNC Launches Mega V CNC Machine and Plasma System

MillRight CNC has launched a new crowdfunding campaign for their Mega V, which is designed to be an affordable CNC machine situated at a middle point between the company’s bargain-based Carve King and the more expensive Power Route platforms. The Mega V also comes in three configurations depending on your needs, including as a CNC router, plasma table, or a hybrid that combines both in one package.

The Mega V was designed as an affordable high-performance CNC machine that comes as a CNC router, plasma table, or a hybrid of both. (📷: MillRight CNC)

“The MillRight CNC Mega V boasts the most substantial frame rail, fastest accelerations and traverse speeds, largest bearing wheels, and the most motor torque of any machine for a similar price. The MillRight CNC Mega V represents a breakthrough in affordable CNC that is unmatched by anything on the market.”

The Mega V router version features Hiwin MGN15 linear profile rails, a 40mm Acetron bearing wheel with dual 608–2RS bearings, a 1.25 horsepower DeWalt DWP611 router, digital stepper motor drivers, NEMA 23 motors, precision Cut 6.35mm steel bearing plates, and X/Y/Z homing switches. It also has a movement range of 485mm x 500mm x 95mm for the standard version, and 890mm x 890mm x 95mm for the XL model, and a resolution of .013mm on the X-axis, .013mm on the Y-axis, and .005 on the Z-axis.

The Mega V Plasma version offers the same characteristics as the Router; only it adds a plasma cutting torch with magnetic mount, along with an optional Proma Elektronika height controller, which provides a functioning Z-axis that allows for cutting curved materials and even corrugated metal. It also comes with a powder-coated water table and can be converted into the Router version using a table adapter (The Router version cannot be converted).

MillRight is currently crowdfunding the Mega V on Kickstarter with pledges starting at $1,249 for the Standard routing version (19” X 19”), $1,499 for the XL version (35” X 35”), and $2,199 for the Plasma version. Each price point comes with free extras as well, including an XYZ touch probe, carbide end mill, torch touch-off, magnetic breakaway mount, and more.

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Author: Cabe Atwell

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