Pokit Pro Is an Enhanced Smartphone Oscilloscope

In late 2017, we covered Pokit — a tiny oscilloscope, multimeter and logger that is small enough to fit in your pocket, even acting as a key fob! As interesting as that device was (and is), looking at the specs, you might note that there are a few compromises compared to your heftier professional scope or meter. Now, however, pokitMeter has announced a version called the Pokit Pro with enhanced features.

While the Pokit Pro is significantly larger than the original, with a length of 152mm, this appears to make it much more ergonomic as well. The body acts as one probe, while the second is attached to the body with a wire so you can manipulate it as needed. The device also boasts a working voltage range of up to 300VRMS, and can measure current at up to 5A.

Other neat features include an integrated torch (flashlight) and an integrated buzzer for use in continuity mode. The Pokit Pro can act as a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), and one can even connect up to four devices simultaneously for multichannel usage. Sampling speed is improved at 1M samples per second — versus a 200k/s on the earlier version. Sampling resolution is 12-bits, which is lower than the original’s 14-bit resolution, but this seems like a reasonable tradeoff.

The Pokit Pro will debut on Kickstarter in October with a $69 pre-order price. More info and a sign-up form for this exciting new tool is available here.

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook

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