Recharge LiPo Batteries with Beast Devices’ Tiny Ant USB-C Charger

USB-C has been around for a while now, and almost every new device on the market comes equipped with the accessible universal port. It provides both power and data transfers over a signal 24-pin cable between two devices. With that said, engineers and makers are incorporating USB-C power banks into their projects, especially for remote locations, which means they will need a way to recharge those batteries as well.

The Ant USB-C LiPo Charger features Microchips’ MCP73831 charge management controller and has a footprint of just 13.5mm x 16mm. (📷: Beast Devices)

Most USB-C chargers on the market tend to be large and bulky, and while that’s necessarily a negative feature, some may require a smaller charger for their projects, and they don’t come any smaller than Beast Devices’ Ant USB-C LiPo Charger. The tiny charger measures-out at just 13.5mm x 16mm, and is outfitted with Microchip’s MCP73831T-2ATI/MC controller in a DFN package that reduces the risk of thermal throttling. It also features an Amphenol 12401610E4#2A USB-C receptacle, has a charging current of 500mA, and a pair of red and green LEDs, which indicate the battery is being charged or is still charging.

The Ant USB-C LiPo Charger requires a couple of battery wires soldered directly to the board. (📷: Beast Devices)

Beast Devices has designed a 3D-printed enclosure for the Ant USB-C Charger that also houses a 500mAh LiPo battery, all in a simple package; however the case is still in the development stage and not available to the public. Beast Devices’ Ant USB-C LiPo charger is now available on Tindie for $9.90.

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Author: Cabe Atwell

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