Remote Control Linear Actuators, Motors, and Magnetic Locks with This Board

If you’ve ever wanted an easy and configurable way to work with magnetic locks, linear actuators, or DC motors, then the IR-XY from Patrick Thomas Mitchell may be just what you’ve been looking for. This board can work with all three types of devices, with five different control programs provided out of the box, and it’s now crowdfunding as Mitchell’s 32nd Kickstarter campaign!

The IR-XY features two buttons for manual control, but can also be remote controlled via infrared signals, or using the onboard nRF24L01+ wireless module. The board packs sound and light sensors, allowing it to be activated by two loud claps, or based on ambient light conditions as desired. Jumpers are offered for settings modification, and you’ll be able to reprogram the driver’s code with an Arduino Uno.

The board is available as a DIY kit for around USD $23, and assembled for $24 with no accessories. For significantly more money (and if you live in Canada/US), you can also buy the device with one or two magnetic locks included, or even a rather substantial linear actuator. You can add an nRF24L01+ Arduino shield to most pledge levels for $16 to help complete your wireless control setup.

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook