Slash DGraph Brings Managed Backend and No Code Services to the GraphQL Ecosystem

DGraph, a San Francisco based startup focused on providing a full-powered native GraphQL backend service that operates at a global scale, announced on September 10, 2020, the release of its premier product, Slash GraphQL. According to Manish Jain, CEO of the company, “Slash GraphQL takes away the work of building a fast and scalable GraphQL backend.”

The Slash DGraph platform provides a GraphQL data storage service that sits on top of DGraph’s graph database along with a set of graphical tools that allow developers to do GraphQL programming activities that are typically done in code.

For example, the Slash DGraph Schema Builder allows developers to create GraphQL types by entering a type’s name and description in text boxes and then use an array of slider controls to configure the type under construction. (See Figure 1, below.)

Figure 1: The Slash DGraph Schema Builder allows users to create GraphQL types graphically.

Once GraphQL types are defined using the Slash DGraph Schema Builder the types are saved automatically in the DGraph backend by doing nothing more than clicking the tool’s Deploy button. The required data storage capabilities are implemented automatically behind the scenes within the Slash DGraph service.

Developers can then add data to the DGraph backend using a feature called the API Explorer. Developers execute GraphQL queries and mutilations that have been automatically generated by the Slash DGraph platform without having to write a single line of code. (See Figure 2, below)

Figure 2: The Slash DGraph API Explorer allows developers to execute automatically generated GraphQL queries and mutations by selecting fields and adding data to text boxes without having to code.

Slash DGraph is intended to be a fully managed GraphQL service. It supports OAuth, ACL, and TLS based security. Also, the Slash DGraphQL backend is fully operational with technologies such as Apollo GraphQL, Postman, React, and Angular.

Slash DGraph is presently used by companies such as VMWare, Intuit, Siemens and, to name a few.

DGraph’s stated mission is to provide Google production-level scale and throughput to every developer working with GraphQL, as CEO Jain states, “with Slash GraphQL, developers click a button and are presented with a /graphql endpoint. They set their GraphQL schemas and immediately get a production-ready backend. Right away they can start querying and mutating data, without any coding whatsoever.”

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