Sun. Jul 5th, 2020


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SmartCan Rolls Trash to the Curb for You

As I write this, it’s Monday, and my mind immediately jumps to whether or not I need to take the trash out — which actually doesn’t happen next until tomorrow. It’s a small thing, but yet one more task that I need to think about over and over, meaning brainpower and a small amount of physical work that could be better used for fun projects… or writing another Hackster article. If only there was a robot that could do this for me?

Well, now just such a thing is under development thanks to Resi and its premier product, SmartCan. The system, invented by Resi founder and CEO Andrew Murray, adds a motor to your trash can, which along with a companion smartphone app, can be scheduled to make deliveries to your curb as needed. The device latches onto a can’s lower handle, and uses a pair of wheels to tow it back and forth between docking stations.

The SmartCan is slated to make its debut in late 2020, so for now you’ll need to haul your own trash. After that, however, it should be all easy street, until of course your local sanitation engineer decides to set it down on its side! Perhaps Resi will get this and other potential issues worked out by the time it makes its official debut!

[h/t: Gizmodo]

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook