Sun. Jun 7th, 2020


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Super Mario Bros. Theme Song with Your Coffee

Hacker ‘pseudo-server’ has (or had) a very basic coffee maker with no features other than an on/off button as an interface. It simply turns on, then after about four minutes, produces hot coffee. While this works, in order to help him not forget that there is indeed a pot of coffee ready, pseudo-server decided to add a notification buzzer. A beeping tone would be nice and effective, but he instead went with the Super Mario theme song for a more nostalgic notification that his ‘black fuel’ is ready.

Hardware-wise, the build is pretty straightforward, with a mains to 5V transformer used to feed power to an Arduino Nano, placed in a waterproof box away from the heating element for protection. Opening up the unit was understandably designed to be difficult — extra caution is needed any time one is dealing with grid power — and he got through the safety screws on the bottom by gripping them with a pair of scissors with pliers. While it did work, pseudo-server notes that, “You are better off using a tool made for this.”

Now when coffee is started, so is the Arduno stuffed inside, and after a four-minute delay, the Mario music is played on a small piezo speaker to indicate the brewing process is complete. Be sure to check it out beeping away in the video below!

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook