Microsoft Adds Text Analytics for Health Preview to Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft has expanded its Text Analytics offering within Azure Cognitive Services. It’s new offering, Text Analytics for Health, allows users to extract and analyze unstructured medical data. To create the feature, Microsoft trained its Text Analytics engine with a broad range of medical data sets including clinical notes, clinical trials protocols, and more. The goal

Microsoft Updates Azure Maps

Microsoft’s latest Azure Maps updates include many new features and a number of services that are now generally available. Azure Maps on Azure Government cloud, Azure Maps Batch services, and Azure Maps Matrix Routing are all now generally available. Each now generally available service has added functionality as has the Rendering services updates. Azure Government

Microsoft Updates Azure Maps SDK to Improve Spatial Data Integration

Microsoft has announced updates to the Azure Maps Web SDK that includes increased support for common spatial file formats like KML, KMZ, GPX, GeoRSS, GML, GeoJSON, and CSV. Additionally, the SDK includes new pop-up templates and drawing tools. The marquee update to the SDK is improved support for common spatial file formats, allowing developers to

Azure Sphere Project Inspiration

Stuck for ideas on your Microsoft Azure Sphere project? Confused about where to start? Here are a few solid tutorials to get your creative side going! // // // // // // //

Microsoft Introduces Azure Blueprint for SWIFT

Microsoft has announced a new Azure Blueprint specifically for its program to enable SWIFT connectivity in the cloud. Azure Blueprints allow developers to define a repeatable set of Azure resources to implement standards, patterns, and other requirements. Existing Azure Blueprints include compliance for industry standards such as ISO 27001, NIST SP 800-53, PCI-DSS, and others. The

Rapidly Secure Your IoT Applications with Azure Sphere

This webinar covers an overview of Microsoft’s highly secured Azure Sphere MCU and the eco-system focused on security at the edge, OS, and cloud. The webinar also shows how new designs can leverage the advantages of an Avnet Sphere module, and how you can use the Avnet Sphere Starter Kit to rapidly prototype your next