Tiny, self-assembling traps capture dangerous pollutants, PFAS

University at Buffalo chemists have shown that self-assembling molecular traps can be used to capture PFAS — dangerous pollutants that have contaminated drinking water supplies around the world. The traps are made from iron-based and organic building blocks that connect, like Legos, to form a tetrahedral cage. Experiments showed that these structures bind to certain

Thinking Robot Studios to develop $84M 3D printed implant manufacturing plant

Thinking Robot Studios Inc., a privately held medtech company based in Buffalo, New York, has been granted permission to build an implant 3D printing facility. Located at Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park, a reclaimed ‘smart growth’ area, 22 acres of land is to be acquired by the company. The intention is to build office and manufacturing space on the lot

CATI acquires Fisher Unitech, expands SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys network in North America

Computer Aided Technology (CATI), a provider of product development solutions headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, has acquired Fisher Unitech, a 3D printing technology provider based in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan. The merger was carried out after Fisher Unitech was sold by its former parent company, Riverside Co, a global private equity firm. After merging with Fisher Unitech,