✨ Going Fourth!

Happy May the Fourth! Check out these Star Wars-inspired projects – and an update on projects YOU can build to help with coronavirus protection. Plus, submit your own designs to our challenge, and the upcoming virtual Maker Faire! Now, go fourth and make 🙂 // https://www.hackster.io/contests/UNDPCOVID19 // https://makerfaire.com/ // Maker Tape: https://www.hackster.io/videos/607 // Straw Wars:

Face Shields, 4 Ways (Plus Bonus Content)

Let’s check out a few versions of DIY face shields that community members are making to help out their local health workers! Some require 3D printers, some laser cutters, and some only office supplies – anyone can help. Plus, a couple of fun ways to stop touching your face! 😉 // https://twitter.com/hugs/status/1242221899884695553 // https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/25857-prusa-protective-face-shield-rc2 //

Happy Arduino Day!

Happy Arduino Day! How are you celebrating? If you didn’t have plans already, you can always check out the livestream recording, the official Arduino Discord channel, and media from around the world. (Of course, the ‘Duino community on Hackster is always here for you!) // https://day.arduino.cc/ // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u93BhPnooZc // https://discordapp.com/channels/420594746990526466/690685412531765248 // https://day.arduino.cc/gallery // https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/ArduinoD20/ //

Shenango Valley Career Opportunities Feb. 10, 2020

Check out our weekly #jobsearch newsletter with great career opportunities throughout the Shenango Valley area with places such as Penn State Shenango; Eastwood Mall Complex; Edgewood Surgical Hospital Edgewood Open MRI; National Fuel; Philadelphia Candies; Keystone Blind Association; Diversified Family Services (dFs) and Thiel College among others! Plus business and career development opportunities with Gannon University Small Business Development Center; PA CareerLink Mercer County & more! Please help us share!https://conta.cc/39mi9QH Go

Shenango Valley Career Opportunities Jan. 15, 2020

Check out our weekly #jobsnewsletter ! Great opportunities throughout the community at places such as Pyrotecnico; Penn State Shenango; Nick Strimbu Inc.; Roemer Industries, Inc.; WKBN-TV (Youngstown); Joy Cone Co. Ice Cream Cones; MontroseSuperstore; Banjak Heating and Cooling, Inc & so many more!! Plus great networking and business development communities with Sassy Girl Media; Gannon University Small Business Development Center; Thrive Shenango Valley; #leadershipshenango and so much more!https://conta.cc/2uM43cg Go to

TikTok’s Myriad Security Vulnerabilities Expose API Resources

Check Point Research, a provider of cyber threat intelligence, has published an in-depth review of an analysis they conducted concerning the popular TikTok video-sharing application. This analysis comes on the heels of continued scrutiny of TikTok by the United States government and claims that the TikTok application included multiple vulnerabilities that attackers could use to

More Companion Bots!

Check out this beautiful chameleon companion ‘bot! It’s inspired us to work on the kid-friendly bot of Alex’s dreams, Gibson — with the BBC Micro:bit and Microsoft MakeCode. // https://www.hackster.io/aelinmayer/chameo-conversational-ai-6f1f52 // https://www.hackster.io/glowascii/gibson-a-micro-bit-companion-robot-f86561 // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYNnPx8fZBs

Quantum computers learn to mark their own work

A new test to check if a quantum computer is giving correct answers to questions beyond the scope of traditional computing could help the first quantum computer that can outperform a classical computer to be realised. By creating a protocol that allows a quantum computer to check its own answers to difficult problems, the scientists

Deep neural networks speed up weather and climate models

When you check the weather forecast in the morning, the results you see are more than likely determined by the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, a comprehensive model that simulates the evolution of many aspects of the physical world around us. “It describes everything you see outside of your window,” said Jiali Wang, an