AREVO and Superstrata reveal custom 3D printed unibody carbon fiber e-Bikes 

AREVO, a Silicon Valley company dedicated to direct digital additive manufacturing of composite materials, has worked with new California-based start-up Superstrata to 3D print the fully-unified carbon composite frames for its upcoming e-bikes.  By producing the frame in a single piece using AREVO’s continuous carbon fibre 3D printing technology, Superstrata has eliminated the need for

Researchers develop self-sensing 3D printed composite parts

A team from Netherlands-based Brightlands Materials Center has developed self-sensing 3D printed composite parts through the use of integrated fibers. The unique self-sensing characteristic of the parts is expected to enable sophisticated critical structure monitoring in sectors such as construction and prosthetics in the future. Self-sensing parts Self-sensing is a material’s ability to monitor its

Additive Composite and Add North 3D develop 3D printing filament with neutron shielding capabilities

Swedish 3D printing material developers Additive Composite Uppsala and Add North 3D have collaborated to develop a polymer composite material for radiation shielding applications.  The material, named Addbor N25, is a combination of boron carbide and nylon, and has been developed and produced as filament optimized for 3D printing. The radiation shielding capabilities are provided

A new approach to making airplane parts, minus the massive infrastructure

A modern airplane’s fuselage is made from multiple sheets of different composite materials, like so many layers in a phyllo-dough pastry. Once these layers are stacked and molded into the shape of a fuselage, the structures are wheeled into warehouse-sized ovens and autoclaves, where the layers fuse together to form a resilient, aerodynamic shell. Now

Fortify and Henkel collaborate to develop 3D printing for injection molding

Fortify, the Boston-based company behind Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) has partnered with German chemical manufacturing giant Henkel to develop optimized, industrial 3D printed parts. The partners will leverage DCM technology to mix reinforced fibers with Henkel’s resins, that magnetically aligns them for maximum strength in various 3D printed parts, including injection molds. Ken Kisner, Innovation

AGC to offer AREVO composite 3D printing on-demand in Japan

AREVO, a Silicon Valley-based company dedicated to the additive manufacturing of composite materials, has announced that AGC Inc., a Japanese global glass manufacturing company, has installed its Aqua continuous carbon fiber 3D printer.  Acting as AREVO’s business partner in Japan, AGC will use the system to provide Manufacturing-as-a-service (MaaS) for on-demand 3D printed composite parts

Markforged opens new facility to support 3D printer materials production

Award-winning composite and metal 3D printer provider Markforged has announced the opening of a 25,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Billerica, Massachusetts. The new site aims to support the company’s material production, which increased by 81% over the past year.  “With the significant growth of Markforged printers in the field, the consumption of our materials continues

New 3D printed tooling from ExOne simplifies creation of industrial composite parts

Composite materials, such as those reinforced by carbon and glass fibers are invaluable to the production of high-performance components for automotive, aerospace and defense sectors. Though frequently made using more conventional methods, additive manufacturing is proving valuable when more complex, or hollow, carbon fiber components are required. For hollow composite material components, the challenge is

CORE Industrial Partners acquires FATHOM in bid to build “largest global additive manufacturing” company

Additive manufacturing service specialist FATHOM, has been acquired by Wisconsin-based Midwest Composite Technologies (MCT). A fellow on demand manufacturing service, MCT is a portfolio company of the Chicago-headquartered private equity firm CORE Industrial Partners. Together, MCT and FATHOM now reportedly form “one of the largest global independent additive manufacturing companies.” Financial terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Hexcel makes Boeing’s Qualified Provider List for 3D printed aircraft components

Advanced composite materials company Hexcel Corporation has received 3D printed part approval from multinational aeronautical corporation Boeing. Now recognized on Boeing’s Qualified Provider List (QPL), Hexcel is cleared to produce aerospace structures from its high performance thermoplastic HexPEKK. HexPEKK parts provide strong mechanical performance and significant weight reduction. Aviation applications of HexPEKK include optimized brackets,