3D Systems expands material selection for Figure 4 platform and SLA 3D printing

U.S. 3D printer OEM 3D Systems has announced an expansion to its portfolio of plastics materials, in order to increase the breadth of their applications for manufacturers in the 3D printing industry. The materials included in the expansion include Figure 4 RUBBER-65A BLK, Accura Fidelity, Accura Bond, Accura Patch, and Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY. Each

3DCERAM-SINTO ceramics technology used to manufacture X-ray imaging components

Technology from Limoges-based ceramics 3D printer manufacturer, 3DCERAM-SINTO, is set to dramatically increase the potency of current medical X-ray imaging technology via the addition of 3D printed detection components. The 2001-founded ceramics expert will use its advanced ceramics 3D printing technology to aid in the completion of the European Project H2020 NEXIS – developing the

Governor Wolf Announces New Funding for Plumbing Apprenticeship Opportunities – PA Department of Community & Economic Development

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Tom Wolf announced the approval of new funding to increase apprentice instructor training opportunities by partnering with Plumbers Local Union 27 (PLU 27) in Allegheny County. This funding will support the governor’s commitment to increasing job training opportunities throughout Pennsylvania. “Our support of the PLU 27’s apprenticeship program will help

Get Keysight’s Basic Instruments Flyer Featuring PathWave BenchVue Software

As the complexity of today’s bench setups increase, so does the difficulty of collecting and correlating data from multiple pieces of test equipment. This latest Basic Instruments flyer showcases Keysight’s PathWave BenchVue software. See how to quickly move through your test development phase and get more from your instruments!

Save Time with Ready-To-Use Measurements

The right measurement applications can increase the functionality of your signal analyzer and reduce your time to insight with ready-to-use measurements, built-in results displays, and standards conformance tests. They can also help ensure consistent measurement results across different teams and your design cycle. This efficiency means you can spend less time setting up measurements and more time evaluating

Tradeoffs between commute time, safety

Urban commuters may be less likely to encounter automobile accidents if they are willing to increase trip time, researchers report. A new study from the University of Illinois introduces a tool that helps quantify the connection between traffic accidents and city road networks. The study, published in the journal Transportation Research Part C, used traffic

Curved nanochannels allow independent tuning of charge and spin currents

To increase the efficiency of microchips, 3D structures are now being investigated. However, spintronic components, which rely on electron spin rather than charge, are always flat. To investigate how to connect these to 3D electronics, University of Groningen physicist Dr. Kumar Sourav Das created curved spin transport channels. Together with his colleagues, he discovered that

New report deepens understanding of wind-wildlife interactions

An increase in the generation of wind energy is a key component of the U.S. strategy to reduce carbon emissions from the power sector. Approximately 97 gigawatts of wind energy production capacity are currently installed in the U.S., and in 2018, wind energy supplied about 6.5% of the nation’s electricity. Scenarios developed by various groups,

Enhancing materials for hi-res patterning to advance microelectronics

To increase the processing speed and reduce the power consumption of electronic devices, the microelectronics industry continues to push for smaller and smaller feature sizes. Transistors in today’s cell phones are typically 10 nanometers (nm) across — equivalent to about 50 silicon atoms wide — or smaller. Scaling transistors down below these dimensions with higher