FXCubic Introduces Real-time Markup API

FXCubic, a trading technology provider, has introduced a real-time bridge markup API. The API targets high volume brokers and traders. Through the API, users gain access to market data calculations and can adjust their markups in real-time according to an algorithm of choice. “We believe this is truly groundbreaking, as this kind of technology has

Solo.io Introduces Gloo Federation Adding Multi-Cluster Control Feature

Solo.io has introduced Gloo Federation. It is the next step in the company’s development of Gloo, its envoy proxy based API gateway. With its continued focus on scalability, Solo.io sought a better way to allow its users to operate multiple “Gloos”. Gloo Federation became the answer. “Today we are excited to announce the next evolution

Vericred Adds ICHRA Affordability Calculator API to ICHRA Development Kit

Vericred, an insurance and benefits data services company, recently introduced its ICHRA Affordability Calculator API. The service expands the company’s ICHRA Development Kit that companies use to build Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) solutions for brokers, employees and employees. “There is considerable momentum for companies, large and small, to adopt ICHRAs as an alternative

Farsoon debuts its FS621M large-format metal 3D printer at TCT Asia 

Chinese SLM and SLS 3D printer manufacturer Farsoon, has introduced it’s latest Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) large-format metal 3D printer, the FS621M.  Developed with industry partner and manufacturing service provider Falcontech, the new system has been designed to address the productivity challenges of metal 3D printing including size constraints, powder management and process

Hasura Introduces Hasura Cloud

Hasura, a data access infrastructure company, recently introduced Hasura Cloud. Hasura Cloud provides secure and instant access to data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It uses the unified GraphQL API to achieve this cross-cloud capability. Because it utilizes GraphQL, Hasura Cloud helps businesses achieve their cross-cloud goals without investment in expensive IT investments. Hasura Cloud

Hasura Introduces New GraphQL Data Federation Feature: Remote Joins

Hasura, a GraphQL data and services company, has introduced a new data federation feature: Remote Joins. Remote Joins allows developers to treat data across sources as a single database. The existing data sources do not need to be modified in order to utilize Remote Joins. With a point and click, a relationship across the sources

Quttera Announces Malware Scanner API Improvements

Quttera has introduced several new features in its Malware Scanner REST API. Service architectures using published APIs have largely replaced bulky, monolithic applications, and cybersecurity is embracing this trend. They find that this approach gives them greater flexibility and scalability. Quttera partners who use the API include managed security service providers (MSSPs), website management companies, web

Excelfore Launches SDK for eSync Standard data Pipeline

Excelfore, a connected automobile solution provider, has introduced a new SDK for the eSync standard data pipeline. eSync is a multi-company alliance for the development of over-the-air (OTA) updates and diagnostics standards. Excelfore’s new SDK provides an out of the box solution for embedding the eSync standard into the cloud platform of choice. “OTA is

Nanodevices show how cells change with time, by tracking from the inside

For the first time, scientists have introduced minuscule tracking devices directly into the interior of mammalian cells, giving an unprecedented peek into the processes that govern the beginning of development. This work on one-cell embryos is set to shift our understanding of the mechanisms that underpin cellular behaviour in general, and may ultimately provide insights