Australian Army successfully conducts field test of SPEE3D metal 3D printer

The Australian Army has carried out a field test of metal 3D printer manufacturer SPEE3D’s WarpSPEE3D additive manufacturing (AM) systems.  Taking place in various locations across the Australian Northern Territories, the three day trial demonstrated the efficacy of metal 3D printed parts during field training. Throughout testing, SPEE3D’s 3D printers proved capable of being deployed

Leonardo makes time and cost savings by utilizing ROBOZE FFF 3D printing technology

Italian defence contractor Leonardo has successfully utilized Italian 3D printer manufacturer ROBOZE’s FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing technology to produce aerospace components.  Leonardo used ROBOZE’s ARGO line of 3D printers to manufacture a range of carbon fiber-filled nylon 6 and PEEK parts. By switching from conventional production methods to additive manufacturing (AM), the Italian

REJOINT is developing knee replacements with additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence

REJOINT, an Italian medical implant manufacturer, is introducing mass customization and therapy personalization through a combination of additive manufacturing technology with artificial intelligence.  Specifically, the company will be using GE Additive Arcam’s Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology and computerized analysis of intraoperative and post-operative data collection through IoT-connected sensorized wearables. This will help REJOINT in

Shining 3D launches new EinScan Pro HD 3D scanner

Shining 3D, a Hangzhou-headquartered 3D printer and scanner manufacturer, has launched its latest handheld 3D scanner: the EinScan Pro HD.  Featuring a multi-functional and modular design typical of Shining 3D’s EinScan Pro line, the EinScan Pro HD aims to deliver improved performance in capturing high resolution and high accuracy handheld 3D scans for a versatile

VELO3D raises additional $12M in funding, bringing total to $150M

Californian metal 3D printer manufacturer VELO3D has announced that it has raised $12M in fundraising with the addition of new strategic investors. Initially revealed in a LinkedIn post by VELO3D Founder and CEO Benny Buller, the news follows the company’s announcement in April that it had raised $28M in a Series D funding round. Total

3D printed tooling provided by BCN3D brings time and cost savings to Tecalum Industrial

Spanish industrial metals manufacturer Tecalum Industrial has credited the adoption of 3D printed tooling provided by BCN3D systems, for delivering “remarkable” time and cost savings to its business.  Integrating 3D printing into the company’s daily activities, was found to significantly reduce the cost of producing customized tooling, jigs, and fixtures, in addition to saving time

Customized production in the packaging industry with Stratasys 3D printing

Marchesini Group S.p.A., an Italian manufacturer of automated packaging machinery, has adopted an entirely customized production business model using Stratasys 3D printing technology.  Located within a dedicated 3D printing facility, Marchesini is using ten Stratasys FDM 3D printers, as well as two PolyJet multi-material 3D printers, to design, develop and manufacture its carton machines, as

Photocentric earns UK government contract to 3D print millions of PPE parts for the NHS

3D printer and materials manufacturer Photocentric, has been awarded a contract by the UK government to manufacture over 7.6 million 3D printed protective face shields during the next six months.  The deal will see the Peterborough-based company use its patented 3D printing technology to produce millions of items of PPE every month, with the aim

CAM Bioceramics’ medical materials set to be used with Admatec DLP technology

3D printer manufacturer Admatec has announced that medical and dental professionals will now be able to use CAM Bioceramics’ medical grade ceramic materials with Admaflex DLP 3D printing systems. CAM Bioceramics’ ISO 13485:2016 certification means its ceramics are medically approved, and this includes the now commercially available hydroxyapatite slurry 3D printing material. Admatec and CAM

Craftbot opens Rapid Local Manufacturing Centre in Cornwall to support PPE production

Hungarian 3D printer manufacturer Craftbot has announced the launch of a Rapid Local Manufacturing Centre (RLM) located in Cornwall, UK, to support the national effort in producing personal protective equipment (PPE) for key workers amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As well as 3D printing PPE, the centre will also serve as an information hub for