Scientists create new recipe for single-atom transistors

Once unimaginable, transistors consisting only of several-atom clusters or even single atoms promise to become the building blocks of a new generation of computers with unparalleled memory and processing power. But to realize the full potential of these tiny transistors — miniature electrical on-off switches — researchers must find a way to make many copies

Smart contact lenses that diagnose and treat diabetes

Diabetes is called an incurable disease because once it develops, it does not disappear regardless of treatment in modern medicine. Having diabetes means a life-long obligation of insulin shots and monitoring of blood glucose levels. But what if you could control the secretion of insulin just by wearing contact lenses? Recently, a research team at

CRP continues to support Energica as MotoE World Cup rescheduled

Italian electric motorbike manufacturer Energica will once again be providing its Ego Corsa motorcycles and technical support for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup competition in 2020. Originally set to begin on 26 March 2020, the event organizers have been forced to reschedule the race calendar in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Replacement dates are

Rules of life: From a pond to the beyond

The Cuatro Cienegas Basin, located in Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico, was once a shallow sea that became isolated from the Gulf of Mexico around 43 million years ago. This basin has an unusual characteristic of being particularly nutrient-poor and harboring a ‘lost world’ of many below-ground and above-ground aquatic microbes of ancient marine ancestry. Because

Human gut-in-a-dish model helps define ‘leaky gut,’ and outline a pathway to treatment

Once a vague scapegoat for a variety of ills, increasing evidence suggests a condition known as “leaky gut” — in which microbes and other molecules seep out of the intestines — may be more common, and more harmful, than previously thought. Leaky gut is most often experienced by older people, patients with cancers or other

Bringing Legacy Fiber Optic Cables Up to Speed

Installing optical fibers with fat cores once seemed like a good idea for local-area or campus data networks. It was easier to couple light into such “multimode” fibers than into the tiny cores of high-capacity “singlemode” fibers used for long-haul networks. The fatter the core, the slower data flows through the fiber, but fiber with 50-micrometer

Lisp Runs on a $1 ATtiny3216

In the continuing quest for interesting projects that would have once commanded an entire research department, but can now be done for a few dollars, David Johnson-Davies has come up with a way to run the high-level language uLisp —his version of Lisp written for microcontrollers — on an ATtiny3216. This relatively new microcontroller costs

Polymer 3D printing at the 2019 TCT Show

3D Printing Industry has arrived in Birmingham, UK, once again for the latest edition of the TCT Show. The design-to-manufacturing event at the NEC is host to an abundance of 3D printing equipment, including new several new systems. As a returning attendee, the landscape is noticeably different from the desktop 3D printer-friendly machinery at TCT