Discovery makes microscopic imaging possible in dark conditions

Curtin University researchers have discovered a new way to more accurately analyse microscopic samples by essentially making them ‘glow in the dark’, through the use of chemically luminescent molecules. Lead researcher Dr Yan Vogel from the School of Molecular and Life Sciences said current methods of microscopic imaging rely on fluorescence, which means a light

New robot does superior job sampling blood

In the future, robots could take blood samples, benefiting patients and healthcare workers alike. A Rutgers-led team has created a blood-sampling robot that performed as well or better than people, according to the first human clinical trial of an automated blood drawing and testing device. The device provides quick results and would allow healthcare professionals

Fun—and Uranium—for the Whole Family in This 1950s Science Kit

Photo: Oak Ridge Associated Universities “Users should not take ore samples out of their jars, for they tend to flake and crumble and you would run the risk of having radioactive ore spread out in your laboratory.” Such was the warning that came with the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab, a 1950s science kit that

U.S. Commercial Drone Deliveries Will Finally Be a Thing in 2020

Photo: United Parcel Service This large quadcopter delivers medical samples at a Raleigh hospital complex. When Amazon made public its plans to deliver packages by drone six years ago, many skeptics scoffed—including some at this magazine. It just didn’t seem safe or practical to have tiny buzzing robotic aircraft crisscrossing the sky with Amazon orders.

A First Look at the ‘Beta’ ESP32-S2 Development Kits

Announced back in May by Espressif, engineering samples of the new ESP32-S2 silicon started shipping to community members in July. Since then both modules and beta developer kits have been making their way out into the community, and I recently managed to get my hands on one, an ESP32-S2 Beta-DevKitC V1.1. Time for some quick