Startup Tries to Revive Interest in Aerospike Rocket Engines

Space fever is spreading on Earth. Plans for lunar habitats are underway, China recently completed a biological growth experiment on the moon, and the first all-woman space walk took place earlier this year. NextAero, a startup based in Melbourne, Australia, wants to capitalize on this energy with its 3D-printed aerospike engines. Compared to conventional rocket

Lulzbot not dead – despite rumors to the contrary

Rumors spreading around the untimely demise of popular open-source 3D printer manufacturer Lulzbot are untrue.  Internet speculation has gained pace from an initial post on Reddit earlier today and spread to blog posts. Lisa Ketner, VP of Global Sales & Support at Aleph Objects, confirmed to 3D Printing Industry that the company is very much

Electromagnetic fields may hinder spread of breast cancer cells

Electromagnetic fields might help prevent some breast cancers from spreading to other parts of the body, new research has found. The study showed that low intensity electromagnetic fields hindered the mobility of specific breast cancer cells by preventing the formation of long, thin extensions at the edge of a migrating cancer cell. The research was