Simulating wind farm development

Wind farms are large, highly technical projects but their development often relies on personal decisions made by individual landowners and small communities. Recognizing the power of the human element in wind farm planning, Stanford University researchers have devised a model that considers how interactions between developers and landowners affect the success and cost of wind

Researchers use 3D printing to assemble nanoparticles into robust macroscale structures 

Researchers from the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in collaboration with the  and Bremen University, have used 3D printing to assemble nanoparticles into strong macrostructures.  The research team developed a direct-write self-assembly technique, which was summarily reinforced with cross-linking, that allowed for the structural strength of microstructures to be

Romanian researchers investigate the compressive behaviour of 3D printed spheres

Researchers from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University, Romania have released a study investigating the mechanical behaviour of 3D printed parts under axial compression. A set of hollow PLA spheres were additively manufactured with varying print parameters before being subjected to a comprehensive mechanical testing regime, revealing the influence of temperature, print speed, and part wall

How molecules self-assemble into superstructures

Most technical functional units are built bit by bit according to a well-designed construction plan. The components are sequentially put in place by humans or machines. Life, however, is based on a different principle. It starts bottom-up with molecular self-assembly. The crystallization of sugar or salt are simple examples of self-assembly processes, where almost perfect

Forging new paths for filmmakers on The Mandalorian

Having spent the last 15 years as a game engineer and technical lead at Epic Games, I’ve learned firsthand that rapid feedback loops are critical for successful creative collaborations. The quick iteration, spontaneity, and sense of shared purpose that comes from working closely together is irreplaceable. At Epic, we go to great lengths to give

A sustainable alternative to crude oil

A research team from the Fraunhofer Society and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) led by chemist Volker Sieber has developed a new polyamide family which can be produced from a byproduct of cellulose production — a successful example for a more sustainable economy with bio-based materials. Polyamides are important plastics. They can be found

The 2nd TÜV SÜD Additive Manufacturing Conference aims to explore industrial readiness

Leading technical service corporation, TÜV SÜD, is addressing the implementation of industrial 3D printing with standards and digital solutions at the 2nd TÜV SÜD Additive Manufacturing Conference.  Set to take place in Munich from February 6-7th, TÜV SÜD aims to explore and discuss industrial readiness. Up for discussion at the event are topics including how

Arizona Man Sues State Agency Over Right to Call Himself an Engineer

An Arizona man is suing the state’s technical registration board to protest being fined for working without an engineering license, which he maintains he doesn’t need because it doesn’t pertain to the type of work he performs. It’s the latest case pitting engineers against state licensing agencies that by some accounts have become more aggressive

TÜV SÜD and ASTM International partner to accelerate adoption of additive manufacturing

TÜV SÜD, a leading technical service corporation, and global standards developer ASTM International have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at Formnext to develop programs accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies. Dr. Mohsen Seifi, director of global additive manufacturing programs at ASTM International, explained, “To unleash the full potential of AM, we need a