This online calculator can predict your stroke risk

Doctors can predict patients’ risk for ischemic stroke based on the severity of their metabolic syndrome, a conglomeration of conditions that includes high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and excess body fat around the abdomen and waist, a new study finds. The study found that stroke risk increased consistently with metabolic syndrome severity even in

Smartwatch tracks medication levels to personalize treatments

Engineers at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering and their colleagues at Stanford School of Medicine have demonstrated that drug levels inside the body can be tracked in real time using a custom smartwatch that analyzes the chemicals found in sweat. This wearable technology could be incorporated into a more personalized approach to medicine —

How Salt Lake’s buildings affect its climate future

Anyone who’s lived or worked in old buildings knows that their heating and cooling systems can’t compare to the efficiency, insulation and consistency of those in new buildings. But the quirks of old buildings’ climate control systems aren’t just seasonal annoyances — they could shape the future of cities’ energy use in a warming climate.

Innovative Technology Launches Facial Recognition API for the Gaming Industry

Innovative Technology (ITL) has released an online API alternative to their ICU Intelligent Identification device aimed at the growing online gaming market. ICU API will enable your website to perform facial recognition & age estimation.  It uses customers’ existing software and device cameras to communicate with the ICU algorithm to intelligently identify users’ faces and

How Municipalities Across the United States Are Approaching Contact Tracing

Developers, companies, and governments are working collaboratively and individually to bring out their best efforts at contact tracking and tracing. The mechanism for tracing varies from country to country, and even region to region. This article takes a closer look at tracing tools and apps used in the United States. The most powerful API currently

Polymaker and Covestro debut waste-free 3D printed fabrics

Polymer specialists Polymaker and Covestro have announced the release of their new jointly developed 3D printable fabrics. The duo sifted through a number of suitable materials for the job but eventually settled on a TPU-based polymer, with two grades – 90A and 95A – being made available. The companies also had to develop a whole

Thimble Launches Insurtech API for Small Businesses

Thimble, the insurtech startup that helps small businesses succeed on their own terms, has released a new API for partners who serve the small business and professional services communities. With the Thimble API, partners can offer flexible insurance policies, available monthly or on-demand, to businesses within their own user experience. The API can be integrated