Chemists make tough plastics recyclable

Thermosets, which include epoxies, polyurethanes, and rubber used for tires, are found in many products that have to be durable and heat-resistant, such as cars or electrical appliances. One drawback to these materials is that they typically cannot be easily recycled or broken down after use, because the chemical bonds holding them together are stronger

3MF Consortium to join Linux Foundation with new executive director Luis Baldez

The 3MF Consortium, which has worked towards the development of a universal 3D printing specification since 2015, has announced that it will be joining the Linux Foundation as an open standards project. The organization behind the 3MF file format will also be moving forward with a new executive director, Luis Baldez, who is set to

Coumarin compounds from oak barrels could contribute to bitter taste in wine and spirits

Wine and spirits are complex mixtures of flavor and aroma compounds, some of which arise during aging in wooden barrels. Among other compounds, oak wood releases coumarins, but how they affect wine’s sensory properties is unclear. Now, researchers reporting in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry have detected and measured six coumarins in oak

For next-generation semiconductors, 2D tops 3D

Netflix, which provides an online streaming service around the world, has 42 million videos and about 160 million subscribers in total. It takes just a few seconds to download a 30-minute video clip and you can watch a show within 15 minutes after it airs. As distribution and transmission of high-quality contents are growing rapidly,

Robust high-performance data storage through magnetic anisotropy

The latest generation of magnetic hard drives is made of magnetic thin films, which are invar materials. They allow extremely robust and high data storage density by local heating of ultrasmall nano-domains with a laser, so called heat assisted magnetic recording or HAMR. The volume in such invar materials hardly expands despite heating. A technologically

A new way towards super-fast motion of vortices in superconductors discovered

Superconductivity is a physical phenomenon occurring at low temperatures in many materials which manifests itself through a vanishing electrical resistance and the expulsion of magnetic fields from the material’s interior. Superconductors are already used for medical imaging, fast digital circuits or sensitive magnetometers and hold a great potential for further applications. However, the conductivity of

New breakthrough in ‘spintronics’ could boost high speed data technology

Scientists have made a pivotal breakthrough in the important, emerging field of spintronics — which could lead to a new high speed energy efficient data technology. An international team of researchers, including the University of Exeter, has made a revolutionary discovery that has the potential to provide high speed, low power-usage for some of the

BMW opens new €15 million additive manufacturing campus in Munich to “industrialize 3D printing”

The BMW Group has opened a new €15 million additive manufacturing facility which is designed to “industrialize 3D printing,” and shorten production times across the company.   Based in Munich, the campus will bring BMW’s prototype production, series parts manufacturing, research into new 3D printing technologies, and training, together under one roof. The centre will also

Amazon Continues Improvement of Advertising API

Amazon has upgraded the latest version of the company’s Advertising APITrack this API, which will allow developers to manage campaigns programmatically. This latest version offers capabilities for automating campaign deployment while also optimizing advertising efforts. Recently Amazon has added the ability to look up product availability via the API and has also added integration with