The MagClick Base Case System Transforms the LattePanda Alpha Into a Portable Gaming Platform

There are plenty of cases on the market designed to house single-board computers (SBCs) that will help protect the board from dust, dirt, and other debris, making them perfect for outdoor projects or at-home use. There are plenty of open source STL files that can be used to 3D print your own slick case as well, including Project-SBC’s MagClick Base Case for the LattePanda Alpha or Delta.

The MagClick case is a 3D-printed enclosure for the LattePanda Alpha or Delta held together by magnets, allowing it to be used as a standalone desktop computer or as a portable gaming system. (📷: Project-SBC)

The LattePanda Alpha is no run of the mill SBC; it’s more of a low-power Windows/Linux computer that packs Intel’s 8th M3–8100y processor, HD Graphics 615, an Arduino Leonardo co-processor, M.2 capabilities and more. They’re also on the expensive side as well, costing $379 and up depending on the feature set. So why the MagClick case for those impressive boards? Easy, it lets you use it as a desktop PC or as a mobile gaming platform, as the case is held together using FINDMAG magnets.

Since the MagClick uses magnets to hold the enclosure together, you can remove any of the sides, which will allow you to connect a power supply for use as a desktop gaming system, or attach a touchscreen display, LiPo battery, and some Nintendo Joycon controllers for a portable gaming system.

The video above is a walkthrough tutorial from Project-SBC for creating the MagClick Base Case, with links for purchasing materials, and the STL files needed for 3D printing the case. It should be noted that there are variants of the MadClick case for both the LattePanda Alpha and Delta versions of the SBC.

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Author: Cabe Atwell

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