This AI-Controlled Gadget Can Be Your Personal Photographer

Content creation is big business, and consumers expect their favorite internet personalities to have videos with a high production value. A decent DSLR camera is almost a necessity, and you also have to be able to record yourself with it. Unless you have the budget for a crew, that means you’ve likely been stuck placing your camera on a tripod and to take static shots. Fortunately, you can now change that with the new Axibo AI-powered camera assistant.

Axibo launched recently on Kickstarter, and has already exceed its funding goal. At first glance, this looks like a motorized track that many photographers already use to create dynamic videos. A set of three motors allow Axibo to pan, tilt, and slide your camera as necessary. The versatile standardized mount ensures that it will work with virtually every camera on the market — up to 20 lbs — that is threaded for a tripod. But, thanks to its built-in artificial intelligence processing unit, it’s capable of doing much more than simply following a preset linear path.

The primary function of Axibo’s artificial intelligence system is to track a person or object and keep it in the frame. It can do that with either its integrated camera, or with a feed from your own camera to take advantage of your lenses. That tracking will let you record dynamic videos with movement, all while ensuring that you or your subject are always in the frame. You can also use it as your own personal photographer, as it can be controlled via an app or by voice commands. It can even be trained to respond to specific gestures.

If you want Axibo, the Kickstarter campaign will be running until November 1st. You can purchase the slide or pan and tilt as separate pieces, or get a complete package for $1,589 — the super early bird special, which saves you 50% off of the retail price. Rewards are expected to be delivered in April of 2020.

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Author: Cameron Coward

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