Tilt Five Takes Tabletop Gaming Into a New Dimension

Tabletop games have been providing entertainment for millennia, though are now often replaced with video games. This presents a huge number of possibilities, like amazing animation, the ability to save your games, and even playing with people across the world, but the three-dimensional nature of board games, as well as the idea of sitting across from your opponent or teammate has largely been lost in translation.

Tilt Five, by co-founder and CEO Jeri Ellsworth and company, aims to change this, as an augmented reality system that takes tabletop gaming well into the 21st century. Players wear individual headsets that display images on dual 720P projectors, while also allowing each to view out of the headset to interact with other players in real life. Games take place on a configurable play surface, enabling each player to see their own unique perspective while keeping the action in one place. Remote players can even join the game using their own boards, or though a phone, PC, or tablet.

The holographic device is now funding on Kickstarter, with an estimated 2020 delivery date. While it has a lofty $450,000 goal, funding has gone up by over $10,000 since I started working on this piece, so it should blow through this number with room to spare.

Tilt Five looks incredible in the introductory video, though one concern you might have is that the video images were composited, and not what an actual player would experience. While this is true, scroll down on the Kickstarter page to see through-the-lens video. This also appears to be extremely impressive, especially considering it’s still many months away from production.

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Author: Jeremy S. Cook

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