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Whether developers are looking to create applications for job seekers or job hirers, the Jobs category on ProgrammableWeb is the best place to find suitable Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs. There, developers can find APIs that can crawl websites for jobs, return background check information, return job seeking data, return job specific, or specialized job hiring data, return salary information, aid in the interviewing process, and many more job hiring and seeking purposes.

This article details the ten most popular APIs for Jobs based on page visits from our readers.

1. Indeed API

Indeed is a search engine for jobs that gives job seekers free access to millions of employment opportunities from thousands of websites. includes all the job listings from major job boards, newspapers, associations and company career pages. The Indeed APITrack this API allows developers to integrate Indeed’s employer interface or job seeker interface in applications.

2. Careerjet API

Careerjet is a job search engine that pulls job postings from company and organization websites in a variety of industries and locations. Users searching for employment may also post their resume on Careerjet, as well as create job alerts. The Careerjet APITrack this API allows developers to embed Careerjet search results into other websites. Search results can be returned by keywords, locations, companies, industries, and other criteria. The HTTP API is not documented, but client libraries are available for Java, Perl, PHP, .Net 2.0, and Ruby.

3. Dice Jobs

Dice is a website where technology and engineering professionals can search for jobs. It provides listings for more than 80,000 jobs in technological fields, as well as articles on technological developments and career advice. The Dice Jobs APITrack this API allows users to search for jobs, retrieve jobs by ID, and get lists of recommended jobs.

Get data about tech jobs with Dice Jobs API. Screenshot: Dice

4. CareerBuilder

The CareerBuilder APITrack this API allows users to integrate their database of over 1.5 million jobs with your software or website. The API provides methods for basic job searching, retrieving data for a specific job, and applying to a job. The API is available to partner level clients.

5. Lever Postings API

Lever is a collaborative applicant tracking system and hiring platform. The platform integrates with email to improve communication and make it easy to request feedback on a candidate. The Lever Postings APITrack this API allows users to programmatically retrieve job postings for their company, get postings that match a given query, get individual postings by ID, and apply to a job posting.

6. Monster API

Monster service includes job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products and services. The Monster Web Services Toolkit APITrack this API allows users to publish job ads to the job search and placement service. Users interact with BGW by sending SOAP messages over HTTPS.

7. Bullhorn Staffing API

Bullhorn is a technology company that provides end to end solutions for staffing and recruiting agencies.The Bullhorn API provides programmatic access to data in the Bullhorn system. With it developers can integrate the system with related applications. The API offers a number of functionalities including: resume parsing, candidate lookup, add jobs, retrieve files and more. Both a SOAPTrack this API and RESTTrack this API API are available.

8. LinkUp API

The LinkUp Job Search APITrack this API enables access of over 3.5 million active jobs LinkUp indexes data direct from 30,000 company websites. The API is available to registered developers.

9. Authentic Jobs API

Authentic Jobs lists jobs for designers, developers, and creative professionals. The Authentic Jobs APITrack this API allows users to get a list of locations of jobs, job types, jobs at certain companies, skill level, company type, and more. Developers can get data according to freelance-only or full time jobs in JSON or XML formats.

10. Google Cloud Job

The Google Cloud Jobs APITrack this API allows developers to integrate machine learning based job search functionality with third-party applications. The API provides an intuitive job search platform with targeted recommendations which help in discovering new opportunities. Additionally, the Cloud Jobs API features search with synonym and acronym expansion, advanced location mapping, real-time query broadening, and dynamic recommendations.

Looking for other Jobs APIs? Check out the Jobs category with more than 205 APIs, 120 SDKs, and 150 Source Code Samples.

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