Wed. Jan 15th, 2020


Shenango Valley Makers

Top Tech 2020

The Return of the Lithium-Metal Battery

XNRGI nears commercialization of its porous silicon lithium-metal battery

Boeing’s Autonomous Fighter Jet Will Fly Over the Australian Outback

Robotic aircraft will accompany human-piloted planes, adding firepower and thwarting enemy attacks

Your Next Salad Will Be Grown by a Robot

California startup FarmWise says robotics and machine learning will make crops tastier and healthier

Bon Voyage for the Autonomous Ship Mayflower

The team behind the unmanned, solar- and wind-powered Mayflower races to launch it in time for the 400th anniversary of its namesake’s journey

Facebook AI Launches Its Deepfake Detection Challenge

At the NeurIPS conference, Facebook asks researchers to build tools to spot deepfake videos

4 Missions Will Search the Martian Atmosphere and Soil for Signs of Life

ExoMars 2020, Mars 2020, HX-1, and Hope will look for biology’s signature

U.S. Consumers Might Get Their First Taste of Transgenic Fish This Year

AquaBounty’s salmon is the world’s first bioengineered animal approved for human consumption

No Job Is Too Small for Compact Geostationary Satellites

Astranis and GapSat will launch GEO smallsats in 2020 to fill gaps in satellite coverage

Caltech’s Brain-Controlled Exoskeleton Will Help Paraplegics Walk

The exoskeleton’s neural connections will enable people with spinal cord injuries to balance and walk without crutches

10 Tantalizing Tech Milestones to Look for in 2020

Bionic limbs, electric planes,  nuclear fusion, and more

Will China Attain Exascale Supercomputing in 2020?

The U.S., China, Japan, and the EU are all striving to hit the next big milestone in supercomputing, but only China has claimed it will do so this year

Panasonic’s Cloud Analytics Will Give Cars a Guardian Angel

Ice 200 meters ahead: The Cirrus system will give drivers individualized warnings