WikiBox Launches JIIPKEY Smart Door Lock That Uses SoundKeys to Gain Entry

There are plenty of smart locks on the market that can be used as standalone devices or integrated into smart homes, and brands such as August’s Smart Lock and Nest’s X Yale Lock are great examples of that smart technology. Most of those locks rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but a new device from WikiBox eschews those technologies in favor of SoundKeys, which are inaudible to humans.

The JIIPKEY lock allows users to generate encrypted SoundKeys in the form of audio files, which are played via smartphone next to the lock for entry. (📷: WikiBox via Kickstarter)

“JIIPKEY is a smart door lock that uses sound technology to provide the highest levels of safety and convenience for the user. Instead of a physical key, JIIPKEY is unlocked by a SoundKey which is basically an audio file that is undetectable by the human ear. SoundKeys are generated by the JIIPKEY smartphone application and can be distributed to family members, roommates, friends, and other guests.”

The JIIPKEY also works with physical deadbolt locks by replacing the interior assembly, and can be installed with a keypad for those who prefer a touch interface as well. Another great feature is the ability to issue permanent or temporary SoundKeys, which can be delivered via text message, Facebook DMs, or other 3rd party apps. For example, you could issue temporary keys to Airbnb guests without having to worry about physical keys being lost or stolen.

The JIIPKEY runs on four AA batteries, which should last about a year before needing to be replaced, and is easy to install on most doors. The app even lets users unlock their doors from anywhere in the world using an Internet connection, and push notifications can alert users if it’s opened or if there is any tampering. WikiBox’s JIIPKEY is currently being funded on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at $99, and has a delivery date of April 2020.

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Author: Cabe Atwell

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