You Can Now Purchase a Breakout Shield for Your TinyPICO ESP32 Board

The Espressif ESP32 module, like its predecessor the ESP8266, has become extremely popular among makers. It’s a very inexpensive microcontroller with a respectable processor and amount of memory, and comes equipped with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There are a lot of development boards on the market to take advantage of the ESP32 module, but TinyPICO is one of the smallest and most feature-packed. Now you can purchase a breakout shield for your TinyPICO boards.

The entire purpose of the TinyPICO ESP32 board is to be as small as possible, while still integrating features, such as LiPo battery management, to avoid the need for additional components. Both the size and capabilities are uncommon among other ESP32 development boards. That small size does, however, make it somewhat difficult to prototype your projects.

That’s why TinyPICO’s creator, Brain Lough, has developed a breakout shield that makes all of the pins easily accessible through screw terminals. Now you can wire up your TinyPICO projects without doing any soldering, before moving onto a more permanent solution once you’ve tested your prototype. Best of all, the TinyPICO breakout shield costs just $14.00 on Tindie!

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Author: Cameron Coward

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