Zappar Provides SDK Access to AR Libraries

Zappar, augmented reality platform provider, announced SDK access to its computer vision libraries. Zappar had already helped democratize access to AR technology through web browser access, and that is now extended by allowing developers to integrate AR into their own systems and applications. SDKs are currently available or Unity, JavaScript, Three.js, A-Frame, and C/C++.

“The release of Universal AR is a landmark moment for us,” Connell Gauld, Zappar Co-Founder and CTO, commented. “Since we first released our WebAR offering last year we have been excited about the browser as a medium for delivering AR to the widest number of users as possible, and now for the first time, content developers can utilize our computer vision in whichever platforms and creative tools they are most familiar with.”

Zappar’s SDK version is called Universal AR. It includes all the major types of tracking: face, image, and instant world track. Developers can choose the type of tracking type desired through the SDK.

There is no need for third party libraries.

The company has already seen major interest in SDK access. It has also published sample repositories and bootstrap projects to help developers get started easily. To learn more, and get started, check out the Universal AR site.

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