ZenSports Debuts Open API for its Sports Betting Marketplace

ZenSports, a peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace, has debuted a new API to provide programmatic access to the company’s sports betting functionality that underlies the ZenSports mobile application. With this addition, ZenSports is hoping to provide developers and sports betters with a simplified method for handling betting at scale.

The newly announced ZenSports APITrack this API provides access to myriad sports betting data and functionality. Using the tool developers will be able to create, manage, and accept bets at scale, while also managing automatic deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, the company notes that the API will handle this functionality for all currencies. Mark Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder of ZenSports mentioned in the press release that they believe this API provides substantial value to the industry:

“We expect the open API to be perfect for market makers and bookmakers that are looking for an additional distribution channel to automatically add a lot of their bets to.”

ZenSports has launched the API with accompanying documentation and integration with Postman to simplify developer onboarding. This API is free for developers to use and is being offered alongside the company’s paid enterprise API. 

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